Thank you for your interest in GarlicCard.

Below you can find information about how to make whole-sale orders for GarlicCard. The order form for international customers can be found near the top of this page. There is also a separate order form for Swedish customers at the bottom of this page. (För svenska kunder finns det ett beställningsformulär längst ner på sidan.)

Just looking for a single GarlicCard?

Unfortunately we are currently not able to ship orders for single cards. To ger your own GarlicCard, please contact one of our distributors and retailers.

For international customers

Before using the order form below, please check to see if there is a local distributor for GarlicCard in you country. If there is a local distributor they will be happy to take your order!

If there is no local distributor in your country you can place your order via the international order form.

For Swedish customers

Svenska kunder kan göra beställningar via formuläret nedan. Alla angivna priser är ex. moms. Kostnad för frakt tillkommer. (Ca 210 SEK för upp till 3 Kg)

Betalningsvillkor: 20 dagar netto.

Det rekommenderade försäljningspriset för GarlicCard är 50 SEK


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