Introducing the new GarlicCone

Herman Rasmuson, the inventor of the GarlicCard, has peeled more garlic than most people. Still it hasn't gotten any easier. Regardless of experience peeling garlic is always time consuming and a bit of a hassle – until now. Today we're proud to introduce a new product – the GarlicCone – that makes peeling garlic as quick and easy as grating garlic with the GarlicCard.The new GarlicCone comes in different six colors, just like the GarlicCard

By simply popping one or a couple of garlic cloves inside the GarlicCone and rubbing it between your palms, the peel is removed in a few seconds. Take a look here if you don't believe us. The GarlicCone is produced in Sweden using environmentally friendly, silicone-like, soft plastic that is dishwasher safe. For press information about the GarlicCone please have a look in our media section

Come and try the new GarlicCone for yourself at the Formex fair in Stockholm!