The new GarlicCard is here!

The new GarlicCardToday we are proud to announce that the new GarlicCard has arrived and will soon be avialable in stores! The first retailer to sell the new GarlicCard will be Designtorget stores in Sweden, who specialize in Swedish designer items.

GarlicCard was invented by the chef Herman Rasmuson, who started using his credit card to grate garlic in his home kitchen. The classic GarlicCard retained the shape of the credit card that inspired it and soon became a great success among garlic lovers worldwideThe classic GarlicCard.

The new GarlicCard came about as a result of feedback from users and has a handier shape and is reminiscent of a skateboard with a larger and sharper grating edge. Of course, it is still easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

You can find more information about the new GarlicCard here. Media resources are available here.