What is GarlicCard?

GarlicCard is a Swedish invention for grating garlic quickly and easily. GarlicCard lets everyone enjoy fresh garlic whithout bothering with hard-to-clean garlic presses, razor-sharp graters or time-consuming chopping.

Where did the idea for GarlicCard come from?

The idea behind the Garlic Card was born in chef Herman Rasmuson’s home kitchen. The simple task of grating garlic had caused him and other chefs trouble for ages. “When I watched experienced professionals beating garlic in a plastic bag or trying to mash cloves with the edge of a knife, I knew that something had to be done!”. Out of desperation he started using his credit card to grate garlic. The result was perfect and the foundations for the Garlic Card were laid.

What's new about the new GarlicCard?

The first version retained the shape of the credit card and quickly became a sales success. However, after talking to users around the world, like Steve from the UK who had very big hands, Herman felt that there was still room for some improvement. The new version has a handier shape and is reminiscent of a skateboard with a larger and sharper grating edge. Of course, it is still easy to clean by hand and in the dishwasher.